Karen’s Closet is a nonprofit foundation started with the simple goal of making sure that the students of the city of Leominster that needed winter coats would have them. Over the last ten years, this organization has provided over $350,000 in warm clothing for the community’s most vulnerable members and has the hopes and aspirations to achieve much more. Karen’s Closet aims to provide every student of need and every teacher in the district with the necessary tools and basic support to enhance their academic success.


This foundation intends to raise funds in order to fill a “Karen’s Closet” in every school in the district. A closet will function as a means for alleviating some of the external financial pressures that can negatively affect at risk student performance or a teacher’s ability to fully instruct a class. They will contain various articles of clothing, school supplies, supplemental food stuffs, and any additional needs that the principal of that particular school finds necessary. We plan to make this a permanent resource for the community and its’ goal of providing quality education to every student.